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Do your clients and colleagues need some inspiration?
Whether it’s an in-person presentation, or a virtual event, I’ll capture the attention of the audience and energize them with inspired, relevant content, bold visuals, powerful statistics and case studies. My background allows me to bring a unique and dimensional perspective to the subject matter. Think: marketing strategy + design + smart production—and then top it off with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of “A-ha!”

Below you’ll find information about my event offerings and some resources for event planning. My events can be tailored for virtual or in-person settings, however my events are limited to virtual environments until Summer 2021. To inquire about my rates and availability, please send me a note.

My Most-requested Presentation Topics:
10 Big Ideas: Add “WOW” to Your Print
Are your clients feeling uninspired and questioning the power of print in their marketing mix? This bold and visual presentation showcases the best of digital and conventional print in 10 fun categories, like adding texture, creating dimension, integrating technology, using creative formats and more. For printers, this presentation offers a unique opportunity to promote the latest capabilities of your organization in a learning environment. Handouts available.

Marketing to the Generations
One of the greatest challenges facing marketers today is the management of customer relationships across generational boundaries. Although the focus has largely been on Millennials, will Millennial marketing strategies work on Gen Z? Can companies attract and engage young people without alienating their valuable Gen X and Boomer clients? Learn what is important to each generation, how they communicate, and where their preferences overlap. Handouts available.

The Secrets of Engaging Mail
Feeling stale with your direct mail? This power-packed session is filled with direct mail inspiration. You’ll go on a fascinating journey through a wide array of engagement strategies and trends including ugly versus beautiful mail, image tricks, creative envelopes and opening mechanisms, stamps and addressing techniques, the human touch, and more. See how to “get it opened,” prevent marketing fatigue and make your mail stand out in the crowd. Handouts available.

That’s Fold-tastic!
Stuck in a tri-fold funk? Get fresh ideas for your upcoming campaigns as the industry’s own “folding celebrity” shares unique and effective solutions from her extensive (and coveted) print sample library. Learn high impact low budget strategies for everyday projects, and see how to turn up the “wow-factor” when you need to. This highly visual presentation is filled with print “eye candy” and ideas for marketers who operate on either end of the budget spectrum. Handouts available.

Zoom Meet-Up “Sample Showcase” with Trish!
When COVID hit, I started getting requests for “live action” meet-up events on Zoom, broadcasted from my video studio. I’m keeping this offering on my list, because it’s informal and fun. Audiences love the opportunity to ask questions and interact, and I provide a high-quality, dual-camera view of an array of real-world samples that are relevant to the attendees. The client can also ship samples to me to add to the sample showcase.

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Trish Witkowski Bios for promotional use:

Short Bio (44 words)

Trish Witkowski is an author and keynote speaker. She’s the president of Foldfactory.com, curator of the world’s most exciting collection of folded print samples, and host of “Fold of the Week.” She helps marketers discover solutions that can meet or exceed their marketing goals.

Medium Bio (71 words)

Trish Witkowski is an author and keynote speaker. She’s the president of Foldfactory.com, curator of the world’s most exciting collection of folded print and direct mail samples, and host of “Super-Cool Fold of the Week” on YouTube. She’s also an award-winning designer, a tireless researcher and content creator, and an instructor for LinkedIn Learning—and her mission is to help marketers discover solutions that can meet or exceed their marketing goals.

Long Bio (130 words)

Trish Witkowski specializes in creative solutions and engagement strategies for direct mail and marketing, and she uses her expertise to help marketers discover solutions that can meet, or exceed, their marketing goals. Trish has an innate ability to solve problems, share information, and motivate audiences with inspired, relevant content, bold visuals, and powerful case studies. Trish is the President of Foldfactory.com, a tireless researcher and content creator, and an instructor for LinkedIn Learning. She hosts a popular YouTube vlog with over 500 episodes, tens of thousands of subscribers, and millions of views. She has been a brand ambassador for Sappi and HP, and has inspired marketing teams at American Express, ADT, Lowe’s and USPS. She has produced many books, blog posts, articles, and videos to help direct marketers get results.

A/V Requirements:

I prefer to use my own Mac laptop for my presentations, however I can use a provided system if necessary. Please note: I’m a “free-range” presenter who does not use a podium, so I will need a wireless lavalier microphone.

I will bring:

  • A MacBook Air laptop
  • VGA, DVI, and HDMI dongles
  • Wireless presentation clicker
  • A desktop presentation using PowerPoint
  • A presentation designed to work on 16×9 screens.

I will need:

  • A wireless, lavalier microphone
  • AC power plug to power my laptop
  • A projector (VGA, DVI, or HDMI input.)

Nice to have:

  • A confidence monitor (not a requirement)

Frequently asked questions for speaking events

Will you give us your slide deck?

My slide decks are proprietary, so I don’t distribute them to my clients or my audiences, and if I send my slide deck as a back-up, or for use on a provided system, it must be deleted after the event and cannot be posted, printed, or shared. 

I know this is disappointing, but decades of research and thousands of dollars in photography goes into every presentation, so I have to protect that work. With that said, I understand the desire to provide something tangible for the audience to refer to, so I have developed coordinating handouts and materials that can be licensed and distributed at my events. I would be happy to let you know what the options are if you’re interested.

Can we record your presentation?

My virtual and in-person events may be recorded and offered at a private or gated link for replay to registered attendees only for a period of up to 2 weeks after the event. My recorded events cannot be posted publicly or used as lead generators.

Where are you traveling from?

I live in Maryland, and I fly in and out of BWI airport. I’ll drive if my event is within a 4-hour driving distance from my home.

Will you speak to my (company, organization, school) for free?

Once in a while I will do a free event, usually for students. However, these days, I just don’t have the time to make content that is free to consume, and then to utilize my time and resources to give free presentations as well. There’s a lot of time that goes into the prep, the event itself and the follow-up, and I have to charge for that time these days.

If you’re on a tight budget, a half-hour virtual Zoom meet-up is my most affordable event option. You also might want to consider finding a sponsor for the event, which can really help.

 Hey, turn that frown upside down! I have a tremendous amount of content that is available to watch or read for free, and I’m working to make it easier to search and sort. Check out Folding 101, the Foldfactory Blog, and the Foldfactory YouTube Channel to start. I also have online courses on LinkedIn Learning that are inexpensive to view, and books and resources, too.

About the Founder

Trish Witkowski is a designer, a content creator, and a keynote speaker. She knows more about brochure folding than anyone else in the world.
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