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Cutting Tolerance

When creating your design file, please note that cutting tolerance can impact the final look of your digitally printed piece. Cutting tolerance is the small variations that occur when print projects are cut down to the appropriate size. The cutting tolerance for our equipment is 1/16", which means how each individual piece is trimmed can vary by up to that much. Any design elements or text that comes within 1/16" of the edge of the crop lines could potentially be cut off or misshaped, so ensure that anything important is placed more than 1/16" away from the edge of the design.

Cutting Tolerance and Design File Setup 

The diagrams below show helpful examples for proper digital design file setup. Please note that if your project has art that extends to the edge of the paper, a 1/8" bleed is needed.  See the bleeds and borders help page for more helpful information on this topic.

Cutting Tolerance Diagram

Important design elements shouldn’t be closer than 1/16" from the edge of the crop line to allow for reasonable cutting tolerance.

The dotted line indicates the anticipated design file crop lines. The solid magenta line represents the cutting tolerance and how the cut of an individual piece can vary by 1/16".