A few weeks ago at the Foldfactory PO Box there was a bright green envelope from my friends at Oliver Printing Company in Twinsburg, Ohio. In it, there were two creative folded event invitations that utilized the same folding style, however the folding style was applied in two different ways to create two entirely different invitations.

The format itself uses a variation of the Swinger Fold, which features a die cut, short scores and simple accordion folding to create a swinging effect when opened. This particular variation features a gate fold cover, which is really nice.

The first example is a self-promotional piece that Oliver Printing designed for their annual clam bake customer event. With a palette of bright PMS colors, they designed a fun invitation with a gate fold cover that opened to an empty dinner plate in the center. With a soft pull to the sides, the plate flips to reveal a full plate of food!

A benefit of this format is its sculptural qualities. With the right paper weight, swinger folds are self-standing and fun to display. I liked this one so much, I featured it on Fold of the Week.

So, if you liked the Oliver Clam Bake example, you may be thinking of how you could use the gate fold with the round swinging shape in the middle for one of your design projects. That’s how it works, right? We see something and since we only know what we’ve seen, we first try to apply it as we’ve seen it. So, I’m going to move the creative process forward for you and show you another option.

Here is an example of the EXACT same format, created in a different proportion, turned 90 degrees, and designed using a rectangular die cut rather than a circle. It’s the same folding style, done differently. Fascinating, right?

I love this, because it’s a great example of how you can “dress” one folded format in different design styles, colors, papers, textures, shapes, proportions, or direction and get an entirely different look and feel. They don’t look like the same format, but they are.

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Oliver Clam Bake Invitation (Self-promotional) Printing: Oliver Printing Co.
Design: Renee Froerer
Paper: 110# Cougar Smooth Cover
Notes: Die cut, trim, hand strip waste, hand fold 750 pieces

Case Western Reserve Invitation Printing: Oliver Printing Co.
Design: Lori Boehm Scheid
Paper: 100# Cougar Smooth Cover
Notes: Die cut, trim and hand fold 1,500 pieces