The Simple Snake

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The Simple Snake

The Simple Snake is the abridged version of the classic Snake fold. Offering the same coiled panel configuration as the classic snake fold, the Simple Snake achieves the coiled effect using only four panels and one simple cut — opening out, down and over to finish.

Special Events
Greeting Cards
Marketing Collateral
Direct Mail
Specialty/Novelty Projects

The Simple Snake fold is 11” by 8.37” unfolded and finishes to a 5.5” by 4.1875” rectangular format. The Simple Snake can be mailed without the protection of an envelope as long as 2 tabs are added and design considerations are taken into account. For mailing purposes, the Simple Snake should be designed with the closed edge to the bottom and the Address Block aligned above this closed edge, on the final fold. This format also fits into an A2 envelope. For other mail-friendly Snake Fold options, please see the Rectangle Snake and the Traveling Snake Alt, however it will require tabs to meet mailing requirements.


Put Your Design to the Test

About Comps

Want to see a mock-up of your layout? Put your designs to the test with our quick and easy comping service. Upload a print ready PDF of your Simple Snake layout including the specified dieline for this fold in a separate layer, and we’ll print, laser cut and fold your mock-ups on-demand. Ordering a comp is a great way to confirm art placement, color and composition before ordering a print run.

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Send Your Project to Production

Ready to print something special? If you have the Simple Snake dieline and a production-ready layout, we’ll print, fold and ship your Super-Cool project - right to your door! Just make your selections on the right and we’ll give you an instant pricing quote. Please bear in mind that some of the formats have complex make-readies and folding configurations, which will be reflected in the unit price when the print quantities are very low. However, as the quantity goes up, the unit price will go down. Simply upload your print ready PDF, including the specified dieline for this fold in a separate layer on the next page.

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