Some of the folded samples in my collection deserve their own blog posting. This is one of those samples.

It was designed as a creative folded invitation to a New Year’s Eve party at Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort in Connecticut. Mohegan Sun hired full-service marketing agency, Outthink, to create something amazing, and they designed a water-themed invitation that is rich in color and texture and imagery.

The two-part New Year’s Eve invitation came in a custom-printed envelope. The envelope is removed to reveal a shimmery wrap with a wavy aquatic texture and custom metallic seal to hold it closed. The cover panels meet with a distinctive wave shape. Holding this piece you can’t help but to think, “This is going to be good.”

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folding designs invitation printing
Folding designs, Custom Invitations
folding designs new year invitation card
Folding designs, Event invites

The recipient can peel or tear the seal to get to the inside, finding curved panels that fold out to the sides in an iron cross format, and a center pocket holding a shimmery, wavy 3-panel Accordion fold. Unfold the accordion for all of the event details. Or, be like me — unfold it just so you can stand it on the table and admire the gorgeous shape it creates.

folding designs event invitation templates
Folding designs, Custom Invitations
folding designs event invitations
Folding designs, Event invites

I think this creative folding idea was the perfect choice for a special event invitation, and would be amazing as a destination wedding or a beach wedding invitation. Dressed down, the concept of an iron cross wrap with pocket and an accordion insert could be great as a marketing package.

Design: Outthink, Essex, CT

Printing: Finlay Printing

Paper: Cordenons Astrosilver Onda (carrier) and Curious Metallic Ice Silver (insert)

Quantity: 4,100

Video: Fold of the Week Episode 160

Notes: Die cut/score, hand fold, glue and assemble.