Above: “The coolest and most elaborate photo ever taken of me.” Photo credit: Eva Kolenko for USPS Deliver Magazine

When I started shooting Fold of the Week almost 15 years ago, I’m not sure that I actually thought through the possibility that the show could end up with a cult-like following and 600+ episodes. After all, with my “fun folding-themed shirt for every show” model, 500+ episodes means 600+ unique shirt slogans. Good ones. I think we can all agree that the show would really lose something if my shirt slogans lost their wit and humor.

I enjoy thinking up the slogans, and hearing from viewers who send ideas. In fact, some of my favorite shirt slogans have been viewer-submitted. I choose each week’s slogan deliberately, and some I hold for the perfect opportunity, holiday, or occasion.

Admittedly, it was a little intimidating when I hit the 500th episode in 2020 and everyone was like “Onward to 1,000!!” (me: “Um, OK!” LOL) For a decade, the goal was to hit 500—and then I hit 500 and episode 501 felt more like episode 1 all over again. I’ve come to terms with the idea now (and with the idea of 500 more shirts), as I’m past the 600 mark and feeling my groove again.

I’ll also share (possibly over-share?) that it’s super weird to watch yourself change over the years, with good hair days and bad hair days, gaining and losing a few pounds, summer tan to winter pale, switching studios and plants and wall colors. I have a video of myself documenting every week of the past 15 years of my life. Think about that. A lot can happen in 15 years for sure.

Digital technology has changed dramatically, too. I started with a little consumer-quality digital video camera in a spare bedroom, and over time graduated to the hi-tech professional audio/video/lighting setup that I have in my video studio today.

When I think of the show, it’s hard for me to grasp just how many videos I’ve made, but I get a real sense of it when I scroll my Fold of the Week shirt database. I get a lot of questions about whether I repeat shirt slogans, or what all my shirts have said, so I decided to pour them all into a list for you. There’s an accidental repeat or two, which infuriates me (I won’t tell you where they are—you’ll have to find them yourself) but almost every single shirt is unique, and will continue to be for as long as the show goes on. “Repeat slogans are for quitters!” Is everyone with me??

For those who want to “wear their fold on their sleeve,” I have a Foldfactory store at Zazzle where you can buy shirts and mugs with my folding slogans on them! You can choose from what’s there, or type in your favorite slogan and choose your shirt or mug color.

So, here you go. Fold your socks off. And I welcome your shirt slogan ideas for upcoming episodes. Send me a note if you have one. I think I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Fold of the Week” Shirt Slogan List By Episode

  1. Fold That Thought
  2. Respect the Fold
  3. Folds Never Get Old
  4. Stop Talking Start Folding
  5. Folding Knowledge is Power
  6. Where’d you get that fold?
  7. That’s Fold-tastic
  8. I fold you so
  9. Fold and Prosper
  10. Think before you fold
  11. Send me your folds
  12. Rock and Fold
  13. Be a bolder folder
  14. Keep foldin’ on
  15. Fold it or lose it
  16. Think outside the Tri-fold
  17. Know when to fold ’em
  18. Holy fold!
  19. This fold’s for you
  21. Will work for folding samples
  22. Keep your paws off my fold
  23. Stop, Drop and Fold
  24. Don’t just hold it, fold it
  25. Everything’s better when it’s FOLDED
  26. Gimme back my fold
  27. Folding Power
  28. So many folds, so little time
  29. Folding is a state of mind
  30. It’s foldin’ time
  31. A FOLD to BEHOLD
  32. It’s a “fold” thing
  33. Get your Fold on
  34. Gimme the fold and nobody gets hurt
  35. I don’t do origami
  36. Today I feel like a: Roll fold
  37. Make Folds Not War
  38. Broaden Your Folding Horizons
  39. It’s Folding Appreciation Day
  40. Mind your own Fold
  42. Fold for Life
  43. Have you hugged a fold today?
  44. Just fold it.
  45. What happens in the bindery, stays in the bindery
  46. Please pass the fold
  47. Folds for all!
  48. Folding is not a job, it’s a lifestyle
  49. Folds “R” Us
  50. Git ‘er folded
  51. Think finishing at the beginning
  52. What the fold?
  53. Fold for thought
  54. Let me fold that for you
  55. Back in the fold
  56. Lights, Camera . . . Fold!
  57. Fold-a-rama
  58. Frequent Folder
  59. A fold to feel good about
  60. It’s bring a fold to work day
  61. I fold paper, not laundry
  62. Honk if you love folding
  63. What’s your folding IQ?
  64. Thanks for folding
  65. Trish is my name, folding’s my game
  66. CAUTION: Folding Zone
  67. Old folds never die, they just crack under the pressure
  68. You gonna fold that?
  69. It’s all in the way you fold it.
  70. Another day, another awesome fold.
  71. Foldin’ is Golden
  72. The world runs on folding
  73. The best things in life are folded
  74. Folding is as folding does
  75. pholdin’ it
  76. For the love of folding
  77. Fold Freak
  78. Life’s too short for bad folding
  79. Folding Nirvana
  80. I fold therefore I am
  81. Folding makes the world go ’round
  82. There’s a fold in your future
  83. Bit by the Folding Bug
  84. If you love a fold, set it free
  85. You look like you could use a fold
  86. In the fold or in the cold
  87. Don’t fold under pressure
  88. May the fold be with you
  89. Just one more fold, I promise
  90. A day without folding is a day without sunshine
  91. A fold is a terrible thing to waste
  92. Fold ’em if you got ’em
  93. Good to the last fold
  94. There’s always time for folding
  95. Who folded?
  96. Fold School
  97. Got folds?
  98. We bring good folds to life
  99. Fold your horses
  100. Go ahead, make my fold
  101. I took the path less folded by
  102. One good fold deserves another
  103. Foldapalooza
  104. Fold big or go home
  105. No folds barred
  106. Dances with Folds
  107. Great minds fold alike
  108. My fold or yours?
  109. Let’s hear it for the fold
  110. Keep your eye on the fold
  111. Score one for the fold
  112. It’s my party and I’ll fold if I want to
  113. You can never have too many folds
  114. Would you like a fold with that?
  115. It’s fold o’clock somewhere
  116. The fold days of summer
  117. No good deed goes unfolded
  118. FoldWow!
  119. No better fold than the present
  120. Is that fold for here or to go?
  121. More folds, less filler
  122. How’s it foldin’?
  123. All folding, all the time
  124. Fold like an Egyptian
  125. I’m having a “good fold” day
  126. Once folded, twice shy
  127. Fold the world
  128. Think of me as your folding sensei
  129. Fee-fi-fold-fum
  130. Fold Lang Syne
  131. What’s the fold-up?
  132. I’ll stop the world and fold for you
  133. The Fold and the Beautiful
  134. Wanna be folding buddies?
  135. Show me the folds
  136. I love all my folds equally
  137. Fold me once, shame on you, fold me twice shame on me
  138. Another award winning fold
  139. I’ve got that foldin’ feelin’
  140. More folds less filler
  141. Good fold, eh?
  142. Foldaholic
  143. No fold left behind
  144. 9 out of 10 folders approve
  145. Fold free or die
  146. Go where no fold has gone before
  147. Join the folding revolution
  148. Beauty is in the eye of the folder
  149. I pity the fold!
  150. One Fold, Two Fold, Red Fold, Blue Fold
  151. A fold walks into a bar . . .
  152. Folding speaks louder than words
  153. Fold it right there
  154. Life, liberty and the pursuit of folding
  155. The Early Bird Gets the Fold
  156. Fold in Progress
  157. God save the fold
  158. Licensed to fold
  159. USA Folding Team
  160. Fold now or forever hold your peace
  161. Le fold du jour
  162. Über folder
  163. One fold leads to another
  164. Fold Medal Winner
  165. Fold junkie
  166. Time for the Fold O’Clock News
  167. Folding Wonk
  168. Why did the fold cross the road?
  169. You never forget your first fold
  170. You have the right to remain folded
  171. Paper U. Folding Dept
  172. Thursday is Folday
  173. Vote for folding
  174. Please take a message – I’m folding
  175. And for my next fold . . .
  176. I’m sold on the fold
  177. Peace Love and Folding
  178. Keep Calm and Fold
  179. ‘Twas the fold before Christmas
  180. Tis the season to be folding
  181. Fold early and fold often
  182. A fold to take home to Mom
  183. You can fold, but you can’t hide
  184. Plication (look it up)
  185. My heart belongs to folding
  186. Foldin’ for a livin’
  187. It was the best of folds . . .
  188. Never met a fold I didn’t like
  189. Send mail. It works.
  190. Fold the next one for me!
  191. Folding is Forever
  192. I Like to Fold it, Fold it
  193. Once Upon a Fold
  194. Fold me a river
  195. I’m Folding My Own
  196. Fold it Your Way
  197. I brake for folds
  198. To all the folds I’ve loved before
  199. Fold and Let Fold
  200. It all started 200 folds ago . . .
  201. Love the fold you’re with
  202. Live. Laugh. Fold.
  203. Fold it like you mean it
  204. I believe I can fold
  205. Fold of July
  206. Foldspeed
  207. Folding, the final frontier
  208. Say hello to my little fold
  209. No fold for you!
  210. There is no “I” in fold
  211. Eenie, meeny, miny fold
  212. The First Lady of Folding
  213. Certified Fold Finder
  214. Fold my day
  215. Two folds are better than one
  216. Nobody puts foldie in the corner
  217. I’m in a folding state of mind
  218. A fold in time
  219. Folding Never Sleeps
  220. Nothing to fold but folding itself
  221. Fold it. Fold it good.
  222. It’s raining folds and dogs
  223. I feel the need to fold
  224. A little fold told me
  225. The fold has spoken
  226. Fold the Halls
  227. Seize the fold
  228. What does the fold say?
  229. Folders keepers
  230. To the Foldmobile!
  231. Frankly I don’t give a fold
  232. The fold made me do it
  233. And that’s the way it folds
  234. Keep your folds close . . .
  235. I fold it when I see it
  236. The fold stops here.
  237. If you fold it, they will come
  238. LMFO
  239. Fold, but verify
  240. Kiss my fold
  241. Can’t we all just fold?
  242. Follow the fold
  243. Fold it to me!
  244. A fold you can’t refuse
  245. Back seat folder
  246. This too shall fold
  247. Put that in your pipe and fold it
  248. I could fold that in my sleep
  249. Much ado about folding
  250. Son of a fold
  251. Every fold has its day
  252. Be the fold you wish to see in the world
  253. I took the fold less traveled
  254. Hit the ground folding
  255. To fold you is to love you
  256. New Folds on the Block
  257. Put your best fold forward
  258. Pop goes the fold
  259. Easy come, easy fold
  260. This fold is your fold, this fold is . . .
  261. The Wizard of Fold
  262. Curses! Folded again.
  263. Someday my fold will come
  264. Fold on the dotted line
  265. So you think you can fold?
  266. Have a fold and a smile
  267. Go where no fold has gone before
  268. Fold on tight to your dreams
  269. Stop and fold the roses
  270. Can’t you see I’m Folding?
  271. Fold, Forrest, Fold!
  272. All’s well that folds well
  273. Have I got a fold for you!
  274. The fold made me do it.
  275. The fold must go on!
  276. Is my fold showing?
  277. Fresh Folds. Organically Grown
  278. On a fold and a prayer
  279. Folders Anonymous
  280. Gone with the Fold
  281. I’m folding, please stand by
  282. Fold it “Gangnam Style”
  283. . . . and the pursuit of folding.
  284. Le fold du jour.
  285. Chicken Soup for the Fold
  286. Stay Folding, San Diego!
  287. Four scores and seven folds ago
  288. You DO NOT Talk About Fold Club
  289. Fold and fold alike
  290. Just for the Fold of It
  291. Who moved my fold?
  292. I only have folds for you
  293. Your fold or mine?
  294. Here’s looking at you, fold.
  295. Good things come to those who fold
  296. I’m a folder, not a fighter
  297. Fold it, Dano!
  298. Folds will be folds
  299. It’s a big folding deal
  300. Still folding after all these years
  301. Wish upon a fold
  302. Who are you folding at?
  303. Folders gonna fold.
  304. Fold of Dreams
  305. Shouldn’t you be folding something?
  306. Go fold yourself
  307. The things you fold end up folding you.
  308. Born to fold.
  309. I’m coming unfolded
  310. Folds will keep us together
  311. I came. I saw. I folded.
  312. I dream of folding.
  313. Folding is the new black
  314. I see dead folds
  315. A fold worth fighting for.
  316. Folders have more fun.
  317. Watch me fold. Watch me nae-nae.
  318. I’ve got folditude!
  319. Let sleeping folds lie.
  320. Make every fold count.
  321. Will the real fold please stand up?
  322. Everyone, fold on the count of three . . .
  323. Fold it like it’s hot.
  324. Mom, he’s folding at me!!
  325. Let the folds fall where they may.
  326. Let’s not fold to conclusions
  327. I didn’t fold up for this.
  328. The last fold standing.
  329. Luke, I am your folder.
  330. There’s a fold for that.
  331. Above the fold.
  332. This is a foldup.
  333. Fold the one you’re with
  334. Is it me, or is it fold in here?
  335. There’s no foldin’ back
  336. I’m the Mayor of Foldville
  337. I’m all about that fold. ‘Bout that fold
  338. Gone foldin’
  339. No shirt. No shoes. No folding.
  340. Pardon my fold.
  341. Fold your heart out
  342. Did anyone here order a fold?
  343. TGIF: Thank Goodness it’s Fold-Day
  344. You get what you fold.
  345. The fold is in your court
  346. It’s Foldy Doody Time!
  347. Fold the good fold
  348. You can’t judge a fold by its cover.
  349. Fold and you shall receive
  350. Every fold has a silver lining
  351. Luck be a fold tonight
  352. Folding at the mouth
  353. If you can’t beat them, fold them.
  354. Fold City or Bust!
  355. Drastic times call for drastic folds
  356. Have folds, will travel.
  357. If I could fold back time . . .
  358. I’m caught between two folds.
  359. A penny for your folds
  360. More folds, please!
  361. I’m King of the Foooooold!
  362. Here I fold again . . .
  363. Truth be fold
  364. Every little fold she does is magic
  365. Trust me, I know what I’m folding
  366. You had me at “fold”
  367. “ET fold home”
  368. You’re going to need a bigger folder
  369. Folding all the way
  370. Every fold has a story
  371. This fold is “on fleek”
  372. Folding is the best medicine
  373. Is that any way to talk to a fold?
  374. Hot-diggity fold!
  375. Those who fold together, stay together
  376. You’re only as good as your last fold
  377. The proof is in the folding
  378. You make me want to be a better folder
  379. Earth, Wind & Fold
  380. Shiny Happy Folds
  381. Folds N’ Roses
  382. Here’s folding at you, kid
  383. Win, Lose or Fold
  384. Fold overboard!
  385. Love me some folds.
  386. I can’t fold this feeling anymore.
  387. Foldnado
  388. Fold me once, shame on you
  389. Fold me twice shame on me
  390. “No folds for you!”
  391. If loving folds is wrong, I don’t wanna be right
  392. Saved by the fold
  393. I’ll Have what she’s folding
  394. But first, we fold!
  395. More than you can shake a fold at
  396. It’s like finding a fold in a haystack
  397. Game of Folds
  398. 99 problems but a fold ain’t one
  399. Fold got your tongue?
  400. A fold to last a lifetime
  401. A fold never forgets
  402. There’s a fold in my soup!
  403. Betcha can’t fold just one.
  404. Let your fingers do the folding
  405. Hold onto your fold!
  406. Snap! Crackle! Fold!
  407. You just scared the fold outta me!
  408. Been there, folded that.
  409. Sun’s out, folds out.
  410. Not the same fold story
  411. It’s Family Fold Night!
  412. Folding through the snow . . .
  413. I’m making a fold, checking it twice.
  414. Baby, it’s fold outside.
  415. My life is on fold.
  416. Life is like a box of folds.
  417. Folding never goes out of style
  418. Strawberry Folds Forever
  419. Everybody was Kung Fu folding
  420. Let it fold! Let it fold!
  421. A fold a day keeps the doctor away
  422. Let the folds fall where they may
  423. Ready or not, here I fold.
  424. Live and let fold.
  425. This is my Fold Song
  426. Lucy in the sky with folding
  427. Fold. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
  428. Folded not folded
  429. Revert to your upright and folded position.
  430. Whatever folds your boat.
  431. On your marks, get set . . . Fold!
  432. Mama said there’d be folds like this.
  433. I feel like a fold out of water.
  434. That’s a whale of a fold!
  435. There’s no business like fold business.
  436. Live to fold. Fold to live.
  437. Please don’t squeeze the fold.
  438. Only you can prevent forest folds.
  439. Crawl, Walk, Fold
  440. When you got it, fold it.
  441. Workin’ 9 to fold . . .
  442. Say it with folding
  443. This too shall fold.
  444. Folding it like a boss
  445. Have a fold and a smile
  446. Fold Folder Foldest
  447. When you’re folding, the whole world folds with you.
  448. Generation Fold
  449. If you’re buying, I’m folding!
  450. If you’re happy and you know it . . . Fold!
  451. Where there’s a fold there’s a way
  452. Drop it like a hot fold.
  453. Excuse me, I believe you have my fold.
  454. It’s just a fold wound.
  455. A dingo ate my fold!
  456. At the count of three, everybody say “Fold”
  457. Fold it like you stole it.
  458. Put your folds up in the air!
  459. I’m the Fold Fairy
  460. They see me foldin’
  461. This fold is on fire . . .
  462. I did it all for the folds.
  463. No folds were harmed in the making of this video
  464. Wherever you fold, there you are.
  465. Alex, I’ll take “Famous Folds” for $200
  466. Folding, for the win!
  467. There’s no folding me back.
  468. It’s a wonder-fold life.
  469. Folding is what you make of it.
  470. These are a few of my favorite folds . . .
  471. Try our all-you-can-fold-buffet!
  472. This one’s for the folds.
  473. Said no fold ever
  474. Folding hard, or hardly folding?
  475. All folds on deck!
  476. Read between the folds
  477. There’s a fold over there with your name on it.
  478. Not your average fold
  479. One potato, two potato, three potato, FOLD!
  480. Fold, Felicia.
  481. You’re folding up the wrong tree.
  482. Excuse me while I kiss this fold
  483. “That’s All, Folds!”
  484. You don’t fold that every day.
  485. Fold more with less.
  486. Fold or get off the pot.
  487. There’s a fold in my bucket, dear Liza, a fold.
  488. Heart + Fold
  489. Well, I guess it’s back to fold one.
  490. Happy folds to you . . .
  491. YAAAASSSS! Folding Queen!
  492. This fold is savage!
  493. Fold we must
  494. Fold me to the moon.
  495. Win, Lose or Fold
  496. The Fold Whisperer
  497. I think you’ve folded this just a bit too far.
  498. Nothing folded, nothing gained
  499. Whose fold is it anyway?
  500. Foldy 500
  501. OK, Folder.
  502. Respect the fold, Karen.
  503. Folded to the nines.
  504. I’m a tough fold to crack
  505. I’m foldin’ it.
  506. Stay classy, folders
  507. Once a folder, always a folder.
  508. OMG, Becky! Look at that fold.
  509. My fold, my rules.
  510. FFH: Folding from Home
  511. Hello, is it me your folding for?
  512. Netflix and folding.
  513. Oh, the places you’ll fold!
  514. Sweet Fold O’Mine
  515. One giant fold for mankind.
  516. Papa’s Got a Brand New Fold
  517. Fold onto your hats!
  518. I came, I saw, I folded.
  519. Fold Your Enthusiasm
  520. A fold for the ages.
  521. Stay 6 folds apart.
  522. . . . to have and to fold . . .
  523. Practice social folding.
  524. This fold is on point.
  525. Don’t fold your breath.
  526. There is no substitute for great folding.
  527. Go with the fold.
  528. I had the fold of my life.
  529. Up the creek without a fold.
  530. Who folds the world? Girls.
  531. Folding, take me away!
  532. It’s not over until the fold lady sings.
  533. Girls just wanna have folds.
  534. Leave no fold unturned.
  535. Eat. Pray. Fold.
  536. I hate to fold and run . . .
  537. You could have knocked me over with a fold.
  538. You can teach an old fold new tricks.
  539. Fold enough to know better.
  540. Fold in the blanks
  541. Don’t fold it all in one place.
  542. You are folding on my last nerve.
  543. I’m just foldin’ the dream.
  544. Let the folds begin!
  545. Give ’em something to fold about.
  546. Reach for the folds.
  547. I fold out of turn.
  548. A little folding never hurt anybody.
  549. This is my resting fold face.
  550. I fell in to a burning ring of folds.
  551. You’re moving the fold posts.
  552. I’m just a girl standing in front of a fold . . .
  553. Knock-knock! Who’s there? Fold. Fold who?
  554. Assistant to the Regional Folding Manager
  555. I wear my folds on my sleeve
  556. Where are the folds? Send in the folds. Don’t bother, they’re here.
  557. It’s so crazy, it just might fold.
  558. New fold, who dis?
  559. I don’t give a flying fold.
  560. Please fold with your mouth closed.
  561. Does this make my fold look big?
  562. Fold your socks off. [Episode removed]
  563. Fold it and weep.
  564. Folds don’t grow on trees.
  565. Fold, y’all.
  566. When the folds rush in.
  567. Take each day one fold at a time
  568. Now you’re folding!
  569. Cloudy with a chance of folding.
  570. Revenge is a dish best served folded.
  571. Out of an abundance of folding . . .
  572. Folders Without Borders
  573. 1-800-FOLD-A-LOT
  574. Baby Fold! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo
  575. Fold my beer.
  576. When it rains, it folds.
  577. Fold amongst yourselves.
  578. She folds in mysterious ways.
  579. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Fold
  580. My folds are numbered.
  581. Where the folds at?
  582. If the fold fits, wear it.
  583. United we fold.
  584. Long may you fold.
  585. Oh my fold!
  586. Stay hungry, stay folding.
  587. Wake me up before you fold-fold.
  588. Hold me closer tiny folder.
  589. Zero folds given.
  590. Dr. Fold and the Electric Mayhem
  591. Say you’re a folder without saying you’re a folder.
  592. Take this job and fold it.
  593. Three folds? You can’t spare three folds?
  594. 99 folded brochures on the wall . . .
  595. I’m just foldin’ the dream.
  596. For want of a fold, the brochure was lost.
  597. You’re never fully dressed without a fold.
  598. Fancy like folding.
  599. Hey all you cool folds and folders!
  600. Fold first. Fold hard. No mercy.
  601. The answer, my friends, is foldin’ in the wind.
  602. I beg your pardon. I never promised you a fold garden.
  603. Last one there’s a rotten fold!
  604. Start on the right fold.
  605. Fold it forward.
  606. LITTLE MISS Fold everything in sight.
  607. Well, I guess the fold’s out of the bag.
  608. Summer breeze, makes me fold fine.
  609. Hot town, foldin’ in the city . . .
  610. I don’t have a fold in this fight.
  611. I could tell you, but then I’d have to fold you.
  612. Talk to me, fold!
  613. Folds, or it didn’t happen.
  614. Game of Folds
  615. I’ll throw my fold in the ring.
  616. A fold is only as strong as its weakest score.
  617. Worry less, fold more.
  618. I’ll be there with folds on!
  619. That’s a negative, Ghost Folder.
  620. CLEARANCE: All Folds Are Final
  621. No folds for second place.
  622. Take a left at the fold in the road.
  623. Pat, I’d like to fold the puzzle.
  624. Fold today, gone tomorrow.
  625. Mama needs a new fold.
  626. Will fold for food.
  627. I’d like to teach the world to fold in perfect harmony.
  628. I like big folds and I cannot lie . . .
  629. Long live the fold!
  630. The folder will see you now.
  631. Wherever you fold, I’ll be there.
  632. You miss 100% of the folds you don’t make.
  633. Ready Folder One.
  634. Eat. Sleep. Fold. Repeat.
  635. Worldwide Folding Tour 2023
  636. Folder in a Strange Land
  637. May all your folds come true.
  638. Life folds on.
  639. UFO: Unidentified Folding Object
  640. Curiosity killed the fold.
  641. Think big, fold bigger.
  642. The Sleeve Mailer Band
  643. Country folds, take me home . . .
  644. Fold. Or fold not. There is no try.
  645. Eats, folds and leaves.
  646. I get by with a little help from my folds.
  647. I have a black belt in folding.
  648. To thine own fold, be true.
  649. Houston, we have a folder.
  650. Only folds fall in love.
  651. “Dwight, you ignorant fold.”
  652. Who’s folding who?
  653. He’s nice, bit of a close folder.