Here’s a stunning hybrid format idea! Designed by Suzie Amsberry at the Kennesaw State University Strategic Communications and Marketing Department, and printed by RRD Commercial Print Atlanta, this hybrid mailer format combines a sculptural winged die cut on the cover panels that gates open to reveal a cross format. Special print effects and bold imagery complete the reveal.

Episode: 531

Title: Winged Open Gate Hybrid Mailer

Tee Shirt: Folding, take me away!

Folding Style: Open Gate Fold and Cross Fold

Finished Size: 10 x 7"

Flat Size: 30 x 20.75

Impact Score: Stylish Solution

Design: Suzie Amsberry, KSU Marketing

Printer: RRD Commercial Print Atlanta

Client: Kennesaw State University

Paper: 100 lb Dull Cover


Printed 4/4 plus flood satin aqueous, and raised spot gloss UV. 5,000 qty.

Finishing: Die Cut and Hand Fold

Budget: Moderate