Every College and University works pretty hard to maintain relationships with their Alumni and anyone else who has ever donated to the school. But it can be hard to stay top of mind—and how do you get your donors to give consistently every year, rather than once, or just sporadically? In this video, I’m going to show you how Barton College with Excalibur Direct Marketing created a stylish, economical format that feels personal, while cleverly merging form and function.

Episode: 563

Title: Tear-ific Open Gate

Tee Shirt: Fold it and weep.

Folding Style: Gate Fold and Open Gate Fold

Finished Size: 8.75 x 5.75"

Flat Size: 26.25 x 5.75"

Impact Score: Low Budget Wonder

Design: Excalibur Direct Marketing

Printer: Excalibur Direct Marketing

Client: Barton College

Paper: 100 lb Smooth Uncoated Cover


Printed 4-color digital

Finishing: Score, Perforate, and Hand Fold

Budget: Low