This hybrid self-mailing format from Little Passports features a coupon and the best of two simple formats—the swinger fold, and the asymmetrical double parallel. There are a few additional design and production tricks that make this mailer especially appealing . . . but you’ll have to watch to find out what they are!

Episode: 534

Title: Smart and Simple Hybrid Self-Mailer with Coupon

Tee Shirt: Leave no fold unturned.

Folding Style: Double Parallel Fold

Finished Size: 6 x 8.375"

Flat Size: 18.125 x 8.375

Impact Score: Stylish Solution



Client: Little Passports

Paper: 80 lb Gloss Cover


Printed 4/4 with flood satin aqueous coating

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, Perforate, and Fold

Budget: Low / Moderate