A powerful trio of brochures—each one uniquely different from the others—is wrapped with a sleeve to form a compelling brand message for an unconventional college prep program. The package includes a Snake Fold, an Accordion Fold, and a side sewn Booklet, and was designed by Leapfrog Group for The Crefeld School in Philadelphia, with pristine production by The Standard Group. Don’t miss it!

Episode: 549

Title: Sleeved Brochure Trio with Unconventional Formats

Tee Shirt: This is my resting fold face.

Folding Style: Accordion Fold and Snake Fold

Finished Size: 6.625 x 6.625"

Flat Size:

Impact Score: Stylish Solution

Design: Leapfrog Group

Printer: The Standard Group

Client: The Crefeld School

Paper: 80 lb COugar Opaque Cover and Text


Printed on a Heidelberg LED UV XL106 Perfecting Press

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, Hand Fold, and Glue

Budget: Moderate / High