For anyone who sends mail that requires a response form and envelope, this clever and efficient folded self-mailer from Marketing by Design of Sacramento, California, features an integrated response card and envelope all-in-one! Designed for client Sacramento Tree Foundation and printed by Paul Baker Printing, this smart and efficient mailer offers a truly enlightening solution for response mail.

Episode: 532

Title: Roll Mailer with Integrated Response Card and Envelope

Tee Shirt: It's not over until the fold lady sings.

Folding Style: Roll Fold

Finished Size: 22.25 x 9"

Flat Size: 3.875 x 9"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution

Design: Marketing by Design

Printer: Paul Baker Printing

Client: Sacramento Tree Foundation

Paper: 70 lb Finch Opaque


Printed 4/4 offset

Finishing: Perforate, Fold, and Glue

Budget: Low / Moderate