Need some extra real estate in your marketing brochure? This classic Roll Fold is hiding a secret . . . in the form of 8-pages of variable content tucked into the final fold on the interior! Designed and produced by the team at Slate Group and used as a self-promotional brochure, this creative idea is an excellent way to enhance and personalize a basic brochure format. This strategy could be successfully applied to other formats as well. Great idea!

Episode: 544

Title: Roll Fold with Surprise Stitched Booklet insert

Tee Shirt: Let the folds begin!

Folding Style: Roll Fold

Finished Size: 5.75 x 8.75"

Flat Size: 22.5 x 8.75"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution

Design: Slate Group

Printer: Slate Group


Paper: 100 lb Gloss Coated Cover (shell); 80 lb Uncoated Smooth Text (booklet)


Printed 4/4 with Variable Insert, Reticulated Varnish

Finishing: Score, Die Cut, Saddle-Stitch, and Fold

Budget: Low / Moderate