Get ready for a GREAT idea this week, as an oversized “envelope” deconstructs into a Cross Fold self-mailer with a mysterious puzzle activity embedded into the format! Designed and produced by the team at PFL in Livingston, Montana, this self-promotional piece zips open and unfolds to reveal an insert and information about their marketing and print services. Unexpected puzzle pieces punch out to communicate a hidden message about the power of engaging print. It’s a must-see.

Episode: 548

Title: Puzzled Envelope Cross Mailer with Zip Strip

Tee Shirt: A little folding never hurt anybody.

Folding Style: Cross Fold

Finished Size: 9 x 7"

Flat Size: 18 x 18"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution


Printer: PFL


Paper: 80 lb Gloss Cover


Digitally printed 4/4 with soft touch coating

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, Insert, Fold, and Glue

Budget: Moderate