This oversized mailer from GMAC Financial Services has the goal of converting car owners who are out of warranty to consider trading in their vehicles for a newer model. The simple carrier opens to reveal a tipped-on exclusive discount certificate, a peel-off Q&A card, and an attached 12-page booklet with a preview of the latest vehicles. The presentation is outstanding, with the ability to see all components at once. It’s well worth the look!

Episode: 552

Title: Mailer with Tipped-On Elements

Tee Shirt: I'm just a girl standing in front of a fold.

Folding Style:

Finished Size: 10.875 x 6"

Flat Size: 10.875 x 12"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution



Client: GMAC Financial Services

Paper: 100 lb Coated Cover


Printed 4/4 with soft touch UV coating

Finishing: Score, Die Cut, Glue, Fold, and Tip-on

Budget: Low / Moderate