This solution is simple, personal, and VERSATILE—and it’s a great idea for marketers who are trying to connect with their customers and prospects. Designed for and created by the mother/daughter team at Good Postage and produced by Boingo Graphics, this mailer/shipper combo looks like a beautiful envelope, but it’s actually a Cross fold with a 1/8-inch depth for holding materials. The imagery and message changes with the application—whether it’s holding customer orders, product samples, or marketing literature.

Episode: 509

Title: Envelope Iron Cross Shipper-Mailer

Tee Shirt: My fold, my rules.

Folding Style: Cross Fold

Finished Size: 7.25 x 5.375"

Flat Size: 15.375 x 12"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution

Design: Good Postage

Printer: Boingo Graphics

Client: Good Postage

Paper: 130 lb. Classic Crest Bare White Cover


Digitally printed on HP Indigo 7800

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, and Hand Fold

Budget: Low / Moderate