This brilliant format is a wonderful marriage of style, relevance, and utility. Produced as a fundraiser during this challenging time of COVID, the piece is designed to make a personal connection, and to remind current and potential donors of who their dollars will help at the YMCA of Dane County. Engineered and produced by the team at Suttle-Straus, this versatile mailer features a stitched-in booklet with a twist, and an eye-catching die-cut on the cover.

Episode: 526

Title: COVID-themed Mailer with Waterfall Booklet

Tee Shirt: There is no substitute for great folding.

Folding Style:

Finished Size: 6 x 9"

Flat Size: 15 x 9"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution


Printer: Suttle-Straus

Client: YMCA of Dane County

Paper: 80 lb Satin Coated Cover, 80 lb Satin Coated Text


Printed 4/4 on a Heidelberg Anicolor Press. 12,000 qty.

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, and Fold

Budget: Moderate