This Circle-Shaped Open Gate fold offers a fresh take (and a fresh shape!) on a classic format. Designed by the team at PLAY Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska, and printed by Docuplex for client Credit Union of America, this creative piece looks like an oversized penny. When pulled from both sides, it takes the shape of three linked circles. This format is a great idea to “save” for the right creative opportunity!

Episode: 538

Title: Circle-Shaped Open Gate Fold

Tee Shirt: You can teach an old fold new tricks

Folding Style: Open Gate Fold

Finished Size: 5 x 5"

Flat Size: 14.25 x 5"

Impact Score: Stylish Solution

Design: PLAY Creative

Printer: Docuplex

Client: Credit Union of America

Paper: 100# Coated Cover


Printed 4-color. 1,000 qty

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, and Hand Fold

Budget: Low / Moderate