You don’t need glue on that pocket folder, and I’ll prove it to you 3 ways to help you cut costs and impress eco-conscious clients. Many of us have either the desire to produce more eco-conscious marketing materials for ourselves, or we have clients who feel strongly about it, too. Also, there are times where maybe we wish we could remove one step of the production process for cost-cutting measures. Like skipping the glue. But pocket folders ALWAYS use glue, unless they’re magical glueless designs like these

Episode: 565

Title: 3 Glueless Pocket Folders

Tee Shirt: Fold, y'all.

Folding Style:

Finished Size: 9 x 12"

Flat Size: Varied

Impact Score: Low Budget Wonder

Design: Louey/Rubino Design GroupTBG Design & IllustrationMarketing by Design



Paper: 100 – 120 lb Cover


Printed 4/4

Finishing: Die Cut, Score, and Hand Fold

Budget: Low / Moderate