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Want to learn more about folding and direct mail for creative marketing? Trish is an instructor on LinkedIn Learning, and she has two current course offerings that you can view online at your own pace.

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Print Production: Folding

2h 7m / Intermediate
In this course, Trish will take you through a world of unique and effective folded solutions that will add style to your creative projects. This highly visual and inspiring course is filled with real-world samples for designers who operate on either end of the budget spectrum. She’ll set the foundation with folding lingo, folding families, and folding dos and don’ts. She’ll cover paper selection, scoring strategies, and powerful tips and tricks for folding success. The course also includes professional production techniques for file setup, placing fold marks and guides, and working with die lines for specialty formats.

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Print Production: Direct Mail

2h 10m / Intermediate
This course focuses on the practical, rather than the strategic side of direct mail, to ensure that you won’t lose money on a postal surcharge over a careless technical error. This course will teach you the most critical skills required for planning and sending direct mail—everything from budgetary considerations, to format options and benefits, common mistakes to avoid, and navigating the USPS mail guidelines with ease. Trish will take the stress out of the often-confusing mail planning and design process, making it easy to understand and implement.

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About the Founder

Trish Witkowski is a designer, a content creator, and a keynote speaker. She knows more about brochure folding than anyone else in the world.
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