How often in life are we truly surprised and fascinated by the mail we receive? Not often enough, I would say. This creative folded sample from Sundance Marketing Solutions of Orlando, Florida, definitely breaks the mold with a gutsy and fun flipper format invitation for their annual holiday party.

The circus-themed card begins like any other, in a classic rectangular shape. Bold colors and graphics introduce a “Cirque Du Sundance” theme.

However, when you open the invitation, four arrows taunt you to pull the pull-tab at the bottom of the invitation. So, how can you NOT pull the pull-tab?? You must!!

With one smooth movement, a flip animation of acrobats reveals before your eyes. Must. Do it. Again. After pulling the flipper mechanism back and forth about 18 times with joyful interest, you’ll read the event information that is revealed when the flipper mechanism is fully extended.

The next step is to go show your friends and colleagues. It’s that cool. So, don’t let anyone borrow it, because it will never come back.

Adding animation to your print projects

There are so many things you can do with a flipper integration like this. I actually have a sample in my collection that is a pocket folder with a flipper embedded in the cover. And, by the way, you don’t have to animate something to make the flipper interesting. You can build on a message, use bold imagery — do whatever you want. Just don’t waste the opportunity with lame design execution. The flipper is incredibly engaging if the design is engaging, too. Otherwise, it’s just a mechanism. Make sense?

Design and Production: Sundance Marketing Solutions, Orlando

Paper: Sappi Flo Gloss 80# Cover

Video: Fold of the Week Episode 295 

Notes: Die cut/score, hand fold, glue and assemble.