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View videos of all of the projects featured in the “fold-tastic” article featured in the May issue of HOW magazine. Can’t get enough folding? Join foldfactory (it’s free!) to start receiving the “60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week.”

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Project 1: Scion ccX promotion

Creatiive Team / Printer:   PopOut Branding, Dallas (production/printing);
Enterprise Communications, Torrance, CA (marketing agency)

Paper:   Chromomat 350 gsm cover; Invercote 150 gsm text

Production & folding:   four-color printing; proprietary pop-out fold

To find a PopOut product distributor in your area, contact
Project 2: Tracy & Charlie Wedding Invitation

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Bayside Press (printing);
Caribou Creative, Victoria, British Columbia (marketing agency)

Paper:   Wausau Royal Fiber 70 lb. text, Birch Fiber

Production & folding:   digital printing; custom “secret note” fold
Project 3: Iggesund Paperboard promotion

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Structural Graphics, Essex, CT (structural design/production);
Schindler Parent, Meersburg, Germany (design/copywriting)

Paper:   Invercote Creato 7.9 pt., 13.9 pt., 19.1 pt.

Production & folding:   four-color plus silver metallic; two hits of soft-gloss aqueous coating; die cutting; fan fold
Project 4: Kimball Office Furniture Villa Lounge promo

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Miller Brooks, Zionsville, IN (marketing agency);
Lake County Press, Waukegan, IL (Printer)

Paper:   Domtar Cougar 65 lb. cover, Smooth White

Production & folding:   four-color plus match color; UV ink; traveling snake fold; hand assembly
Project 5: Folding/Scoring Seminar promotion

Creatiive Team / Printer:   The John Roberts Company, Minneapolis, MN

Paper:   Sappi Flo Gloss 80 lb. cover; Flo Gloss Matte 100 lb. text

Production & folding:   five match colors; satin aqua coating; gloss UV coating; twist fold
Project 6: Denver mailer

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Karsh\Hagan, Denver, CO (marketing agency);
Sprint Press, Denver, CO (Printer)

Paper:   Opus 30% PCW 80 lb. cover, Dull, White

Production & folding:   four-color; satin aqueous coating; staggered stepped accordion fold
Project 7: Baccarat Tournament invitation

Creatiive Team / Printer:   MGM Mirage Advertising, Las Vegas, NV (marketing agency);
Las Vegas Color Graphics, Las Vegas, NV (Printer)

Paper:   Neenah Classic Columns 80 lb. cover, Classic Cream; Neenah Eames, 80 lb. cover, Tivoli Green and Canyon Brown Weave

Production & folding:   green and gold foil; petal fold
Project 8: DVice2

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Gouthier Design (now With Creative), New York, NY; Danny Clinch, New York, NY (marketing agency);
Digital Color Concepts (Printer)

Paper:   Utopia Premium 130 lb. cover, Gloss; Curious Collection Metallics 92 lb. cover, Lustre

Production & folding:   four-color plus metallic ink; gloss and dull spot varnish; hand assembly; extended accordion fold
Project 9: FACES photographer promo

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Maureen Weiss Design, Baltimore, MD; Peter Howard Photography, Baltimore, MD (marketing agency);
Schneidereith & Sons, Baltimore, MD (Printer)

Paper:   Donside Consort Royal 110 lb. text, Silk

Production & folding:   four-color plus match color and spot gloss varnish; asymmetrical accordion fold
Project 10: Naughty But Nice

Creatiive Team / Printer:   Kevin Steele, Bloomington, IN

Paper:   French Mod-Tone 80 lb. cover, Blush; Laval flocked velour bookcloth

Production & folding:   two-color letterpress; debossing; tulip fold

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